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Melissa Mullin, Ph.D.


For more than 20 years, Melissa has been helping thousands of children learn to read, write and achieve in school. As the Owner/Director of the K & M Center she creates treatment plans for each student and trains and supervises Educational Specialists and Executive Functioning Coaches to ensure each child thrives.

As an Educational Coach, Melissa meets with parents to help them define and reach their goals for their child and family.

Melissa sees students as individuals with unique learning styles and talents.  She creates tailored treatment plans to address each child's specific areas of need.

About Melissa 


Melissa’s desire to continue learning and help others learn led her to earn a doctorate in Educational Psychology from UCLA, with a specialization in Learning and Instruction.


Melissa has been the director of the K&M Center for over 20 years. The K&M Center specializes in educating students with learning differences. Melissa is dedicated to empowering parents, tutors, and educational specialists to target specific areas of need for each student who comes to the center.

Books and Blog

Melissa’s Blog shares insights from her daily work with students and their families. Workbooks created by Melissa Mullin, Ph.D. include The Executive Functioning Workbook, The Rapid Naming Workbook Program, and Think, Talk, Laugh, Build Verbal Processing Speed

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