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Do you have a child who needs help learning?

Dr. Melissa Mullin

For more than 20 years, Melissa has been helping children learn to read, write and achieve in school. As the Owner/Director of the K & M Center she creates treatment plans for each student and trains and supervises Educational Specialists to ensure each child thrives.

As an Educational Coach, Melissa meets with parents to help them define and reach their goals for their child and family.

Educational consultations and coaching sessions are designed to help parents understand their child's learning needs and set educational goals.

Consultations and coaching


The K&M Center provides quality learning experiences for struggling students from kindergarten to college.

We specialize in remediating learning differences.

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K&M Center

Melissa's evaluations are designed to identify your child's learning profile. Based on the results of the evaluation learning interventions are suggested.


Help is available
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